About Yuvaa Cup

Yuvaa Cup is a youth football competition for all the School teams in Wayanad, organized by Wayanad United Football Club in association with Wayanad District Sports Council, Wayanad District Football Association, Kerala Football Association. It is an under-16 competition for players who have their residential address in Kerala or neighbouring districts of Wayanad like Nilgris, Coorg and Chamrajnagar.

This whole initiative arose from identifying two challenges young talents face in Wayanad. There aren’t enough matches for the youth, hence there isn't enough preparation or training sessions to develop these young players. We believe matches give them a purpose to train.

Secondly there aren’t enough professional clubs in Wayanad that can provide talented players a platform to perform and progress to the heights of football. Wayanad United FC will give scholarship to the best talents of this competition and an opportunity to train and play for us in the state and national competitions where they will get an exposure at a professional level.

This is our humble attempt to develop football in Wayanad and we hope the wonderful people of Wayanad will back us in our pursuit.